Why Do We Buy Insurance?

Why do we purchase insurance? It’s for the coverage. There are certain risks in life that we have to take, but we don’t necessarily have to take unnecessary financial risk, especially related to damage to our assets or damage that we cause to others. That’s why we purchase insurance. If a bunch of people pool a little money together, then we are able to pay for the catastrophic loss that the few of us will have, and that, at it’s core, is what insurance does. No one likes to pay for insurance, but in the event of the big loss it can save us financially.

So what coverage do we need? No sense in paying for something we don’t need, but we certainly should make sure we have the coverage we need. That really varies. It depends on you. Insurance can be complicated to understand, but here we endeavor to make the difficult understandable. However, we are talking in general terms. Coverage varies by state and by company. For more information about what your policy covers, please refer to your insurance policy and contract. If you have questions, refer to your insurance agent, that’s why they are there. If you are not sure what you have or would like to see what options we offer, start a quote online today!