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What have you done this summer

Do you need to update your insurance policy?

Fix and Flip Home InsuranceAhh summer time. A time of fun, sun, and DIY projects around the house. The extra light in the evenings lends itself to getting stuff done. So, I have a question: What did you do this summer? Maybe you’re not a DIY sort of person. Maybe you had a contractor or handyman do it for you.


Did you add a shed? Did you add on to your home? Did you add a block fence or a pool? Heck did you buy a new car? Did you get Married? Did you get a new Girl Friend?


Now for the most important question: Did you tell your insurance agent?


What Why would I do that, dude’s a square (and clearly uses insults from the 1950’s… loser).


Because it can affect your insurance. Consider this lesser known insurance clause:


Your house has to be insured to at least 80% of its value or you can be penalized in the event of a claim.


Yes penalized. Well that wouldn’t happen to me. Did you tell your insurance agent about your addition? Because if not, you just change the ratio of the insurance coverage to the value of your house.


“Well, I just added a pool.” Will your insurance company cover you if you have a pool? Some don’t or have strict rules about fences.


Did you get married? You probably need to make sure your spouse has been added to the policy? You also need to combine your policies for savings purposes. Finally, do you need to cover that rock you just bought her? There may be coverage on a homeowner’s or renter’s policy, but there may not be depending on the value.


If your girlfriend just moved in with you did you know that she may not be covered if she drive’s your car? Or that coverage can be limited? (this can vary GREATLY by company).


See. Your insurance agent may be a goober, but you need to tell him or her stuff because if you have done something to your cars, home, or if you have just had some changes in life, talk to us about how that impacts your insurance needs. He/She can help you anser the question do you need to update your insurance policy.