What happens if your sweet tech gig goes sideways?

Question: What if that sweet gig you’ve got suddenly gets litigious? We have all seen the classic cartoons depicting what a nightmare communication can between a tech professional and the end client. From developers to website designers there is little question that clients have a hard time defining what their goals are, which make scope creep an inevitability. Combined, this means tech debt and bugs are a certainty, and the ever moving expectations mean you are fighting an uphill battle in your effort to perform your duties.

While contractual language that spell out the fact that bugs will happen, what if?

  • What if there is a catastrophic bug?
  • What if you unintentionally leave a back door?
  • What if you do nothing wrong, but the customer decides to sue anyway?
  • What if that sweet gig you’ve got goes south?

There are a million different reasons, but if you fail to perform up to their ever-moving expectations you could be sued. Even if you did nothing wrong, and did exactly what they wanted, are you protected? What’s the cost to proof you’re not liable? What’s the cost to settle the dispute? Legal fees are notoriously high, so how are you going to fund that?

Tech E&O or tech malpractice is a policy you can purchase to help you in this precise scenario. What do you get out of a Tech Malpractice policy? There are a couple of things.

  1. Legal Defense – If you get sued because of a failure to perform the stated work a tech malpractice policy will cover your legal defense. You get expert lawyers with 1 goal: protect you!
  2. So what happens if you are deemed to be liable, you now are on the hook for not having done something who pays? We do. That’s what tech malpractice coverage provides.

If you are a IT consultant, a developer, website designer or really anything in the tech space you’re worth protecting. Start your quote online today!