What does Manufactured Home Insurance Cover

Manufactured Home Insurance coverage is not too different than what you might find on a regular homeowner’s insurance policy. While not all companies are the same if you get an actual manufactured home insurance specialty company like American Modern, Foremost or American Reliable, you should get some of the following coverage and coverage options.

The Home

The home is going to coverage for what is known as special or comprehensive coverage. This means unless we exclude the coverage, we are going to include the coverage. Things like fire, lighting, exclusion, damage done by water, hail, etc. are all going to be covered. This that are not covered are things like flood. A broken pipe that floods your home is going to be different than if the rains fall, causing flooding.

The question is how much will the policy pay out if there is a total loss. You want replacement cost on total losses and partial losses. Not all companies are going to be able to provide this, and especially if the home is older. So ask your agent how its covered.

Other Structures

Other structures are things like sheds, detached garages, and other “structures” that are not going to be connected to the home. They should be covered in the same way as the home, but make sure you have enough coverage because coverage for other structures isn’t automatic and when its included is can also be for low limits.

Personal Property

Question if you had a loss for your manufactured or mobile home do you want to negotiate with an insurance company how much your TV was worth. OF COURSE NOT. So here’s the thing. Manufactured Home insurance policies coverage personal property, but usually cover them for the actual cash value. BUT they can also cover it for replacement cost. For $20 bucks a year this is a heck of a deal.


What if you get sued. That’s what liability does. It protects you, and can pay for your defense and the pay out if you are found to be negligent. Also available for manufactured homes.

Medical Payments

Something that goes right along with liability. It pays for medical costs of people that don’t live at the home in case they get injured. The hope is if we help cover the deductible or part of the deductible maybe they won’t sue.

There are other coverage options as well. We at Gila specialize in manufactured home insurance, but even if you don’t go with us, find an agent that understands the unique coverage options provided by a manufactured home insurance policy.