The Liability of Not Responding to Tenants Quickly


Protect yourself from a lawsuit in Safford, AZHave you ever had a tenant ask you to fix something one, twice? What about three times. Consider this story. Landlord, purchases rental property with older windows. Single pane, not super-efficient, but who want to replace the windows in your rental right away, right? Anyway, tenant complains to landlord, asking for double pane windows. This happens a couple of times. No action by the landlord. Now, we can argue whether or not this action is required of the landlord in any case, but it’s not material to the story. Tenant and her boyfriend are otherwise occupied. The tenant’s child, is playing by a two story window. Kid falls out of the window. Now, as I understand the story, Kid was okay, BUT the landlord gets sued. What? Yeah, it was a stretch, but the landlord got sued.

Basically, the tenant claimed that if the windows had been replaced then the child would not have fallen out of the window. Yeah, I am not sure how the new window somehow watches the kid and makes sure no one falls out the window, but I haven’t seen that model at my local Home Depot, but I digress. The suit went to court. In this case the Landlord won the case, and was not found negligent, BUT it begs two questions.

  1. Are you responding to your tenant’s request? The reason the case had any standing to begin with is that the tenant had made multiple requests that the windows be replaced.
  2. Defense costs, again a huge benefit of your insurance policy.

So, keep your property well-kept respond to these tenant requests, and be sure to purchase enough liability coverage. Start your landlord insurance quote online right now!