The Different Types of Liability Covered Offered with RV Insurance

RV Insurance quote in Safford, AZThere are several different types of liability insurance coverage found on recreational vehicle insurance policies. Not only does the type of RV have an effect, but also how the recreational vehicle is used can make a difference in which liability coverage is offered.

For Motor home insurance policies, Bodily Injury Liability and Property Damage Liability coverage, like on an auto policy, will apply while the vehicle is in motion. However, these particular liability items will not be included on travel trailer, fifth wheel travel trailer, pop-up camper, or even slide-in camper insurance policies, since all these types of recreational vehicles are considered to be towed units and cannot actually be moved without a separate vehicle to tow them.

Motor home insurance policies will have some coverage available that is commonly included in traditional auto insurance policies. However, they often have some coverage items that one might expect to see included in a homeowners’ policy. This is because Recreational Vehicles are used for two distinct purposes. Some of the time recreational vehicles are used to travel from one point to another and other times they are used as a seasonal vacation residence, or for some, as a primary residence.

For most typical RV owners, those who use their RVs less than 30 days out of the year, Vacation Liability is usually offered with varying limits of coverage. This particular coverage works much like homeowners premise liability coverage does, offering protection should the insured be found responsible for either bodily injury to others and/or property damage to others, while the RV is not in motion and being used as a vacation residence.

Full Timers Liability is available for those RV owners who use their RV more than 150 days out of the year. This can apply to both Stationary Full Timers as well as Full Timers who are traveling. Full Timers Liability works pretty much like Vacation Liability, but will typically offer higher limits of coverage. Full Timers Liability is also a great fit for those people who use their RVs as their primary residence.

When shopping for RV insurance or Travel Trailer insurance, be sure to choose a carrier that specializes in recreational vehicle insurance. Many make the mistake of purchasing auto insurance policies for their recreational vehicles, which can provide the necessary coverage needed to drive the unit, but most often are missing important coverage that are needed while the unit is being used as a residence.

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This coverage explanation is for illustration purposes only and is general in nature. Coverage explained here may not apply to your policy, State, company, or situation. For more information about how your policy would respond in the event of a loss, please refer to the terms and conditions and declarations page of your policy.