Safford Storms October 9th 2016 – How to file a claim

With the storms over the weekend in Safford Area, we know there are a number of people that suffered damage to vehicles, property, and crops. If you are one of those you may be wondering, what’s next? It is exactly because of these types of situations that we purchase insurance. So the question is whether or not your loss should be covered. Let’s take a hypothetical look (every policy is different, and I am speaking in general terms):

  1. In most cases wind and hail is covered by homeowners polices. Flood is not covered under homeowner’s policies and requires a separate policy. Losses to the home would be subject to a deductible.
  2. Wind, hail, and flood are specifically covered under an auto insurance policy under the comprehensive section. So if you have comprehensive coverage it would be subject to the comprehensive deductible.
  3. Coverage for damage to auto glass is a whole separate issue and has to be purchased separately.

So, if you have the coverage how do you make a claim? In short you will need to contact your insurance company directly, they will provide you with instructions on how to handle your specific claim. As an independent agent we represent a number of insurance companies. Below is a list of the companies we represent and what phone number to call to contact them and open a claim. Even if you are not insured with our agency, these numbers should work to help you file a claim. Want to know more about what to expect and what to have on hand when you call? Learn more about filing a claim now!