Gila Insurance Group LLC (Gila) was founded in January of 2016, by an industry veteran, Derek Kartchner. After 12 years of working for one of the top insurance agents in the country, International Insurance Group, Inc. (IIG), Derek saw an opportunity in an undeserved division of IIG, and will purchase the division from IIG in July of 2016. There are several pillars of Gila.

Independent Agent

We are an independent agent, which means we represent a number of different carriers. Unlike many of our competitors that have only one option, we are able to represent a number of carriers so that we can shop the market and find you the best coverage at the best price. In a way this makes us a one stop shop.

Niche Focus

True to his IIG roots, Derek is a believer in serving specific niches, and being the best at that niche. Consequently, Gila specializes in 2 niches: Specialty Dwelling and Recreational Vehicles.

Specialty Dwelling – Specialty Dwellings include non-traditional homes such as Manufactured Homes and investment properties such as rental properties, vacation Rentals, fix and flips, and seasonal/second homes. Many of the big guys avoid these as they tend to be a slightly higher risk for one reason of the other.

Recreational Vehicles – RV is a broad term for motor homes, travel trailers, and 5th wheels. Unfortunately many insurance companies insure these as if they were a run of the mill auto, which is terrible for the customer. We represent RV Specialty carriers that have the coverage our customers need.


Gila believes that we can provide better service than the other guy, because we know more about our niches than they do, which means we will be able to help meet our customer needs. Also, we aren’t so large that you get lost in our call center. Our team is small, but growing, and we will grow to meet the needs of our customers.


Our goal is to get you the best coverage at the price that fits your needs. So we aren’t trying to sell you the cheapest, policy that will leave you in a bad place when you have a claim, we want to get you the coverage you need at the lowest price possible, and within budget.

Quality Partners

We only represent A rated carriers to protect you. An A rating doesn’t mean everything, but it does mean that the carriers we represent have a good reputation and the financial stability to ensure your claim gets paid. We also represent carriers that understand our Niches. This means that our carriers have the specialty coverage you might face.

We believe we have the complete package to ensure you get what you need. Give us a shot, and let us surprise you!