Insurance amid Covid-19 – What you need to know!

What Insurance companies are doing to help you!

With all the craziness going on, we want to let you know what it is that is going on the insurance world and some of the things that insurance companies are doing for you.

  1. We are seeing a lot of flexibility with payments. If you face any hardship please call your insurance company to see what they will do for you. You might be supprised!
  2. Insurance companies are sending refunds on auto premium. The refunds from most companies are running at about 15%. For more information, check out this awesome link that is one of the best breakdowns I have seen!

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How Can I Save Money On My Rental Property Insurance?

Need to save some money on your rental property insurance? No problem, here are a couple of ideas to help you through the process. Need to make shoping easy? Visit us at

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Loss of Rent and Covid-19

With the all the uncertainty in the market a lot of landlords are asking: Can the loss of rent coverage covered rent if my tenant doesn’t pay? It’s a great question given the fact that the governement is enforcing the shelter in place rules. Unfortunately I don’t believe so (although if you think you have a claim file it). I explain in this video.

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In connection with this application for insurance, we may review your credit report or obtain or use a credit-based insurance score based on the information contained in that credit report. THIS DOES NOT AFFECT YOUR FICO SCORE, and is not used in all states. However, depending on your state, we may use a third party in connection with the development of your insurance score. We may also obtain loss history and other consumer reports using a third party. The above information may be used to develop your premium or to determine your eligibility for insurance. Providing your social security number is not required at this point, but can help us to obtain a more accurate quote.