If you need a copy of your policy documents such as a Declarations Page (what your lender will want), ID Cards (what you need to have in your vehicle), a bill or cancellation notice, or a renewal offer we can help. There are a couple of ways these types of documents can be provided.

  • Once your policy has been issued the insurance company will typically mail you your policy documents.
  • Many of these documents can be accessed through the company’s online customer portal, and can be accessed before the company puts them in the mail.

Below is a list of each of the companies we represent and their portal. If you have not yet signed up, we encourage you to do so as you can make payments, make changes to your policy, get copies of policy documents, and even start a claim.

  • We can email them to you, just call us at 877-784-6787 for assistance.
  • You can also request many of these documents from the insurance company directly by calling.

American Modern Insurance Group 1-800-543-2644

Blue Sky RV Insurance 1-866-484-2583

Foremost Insurance Group 1-800-532-4221

National General Insurance 1-877-468-3466

National Interstate Insurance Company Not Available

Progressive Insurance Company 1-800-776-4737

Sometimes you will need immediate proof that your policy is in effect. We do provide what is known as a “binder” once your policy has been issued. However, in some cases lenders will not accept binders. If this is the case, documents can be accessed, but it may be 48-72 hours after the binder is issued. If a binder is not going to be accepted, please let us know so that we can get you a copy of your declarations page or ID cards as soon as possible.