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When it comes to RV Insurance, there are several different types of insurable RVs including “Motorized” and “Non-Motorized” units. When it comes to “Motorized” units there are several different shapes and sizes, but most the most common types are motorhomes. However, even motor homes come in all different shapes and sizes. Below is a summary of the most common types of Motorhome insurance the RV Insurance Professionals at Gila Insurance Group provide:

Class A Motorhome Insurance – When it comes to Motorhomes or RVs, most people immediately think of the traditional Class A Motorhome. These beautiful machines are amazing in terms of luxury and amenities. Typically they are anywhere from 20-40 feet long, and can sleep anywhere from 6 to 10 people. Class A motorhomes are built on specially designed motor home chassis, which are built to handle the heavy load of a home on wheels. Class A motor homes are unique in their living space, and usually have at least two slide outs. The Maximum value we can insure for these units is $2,000,000.

Professional Bus Conversions Insurance – The key words here are professional conversion. These units are buses that have been modified to provide temporary living quarters. These units can be incredible, but again we are only able to insure those that have been modified professionally.

Class B Motorhome Insurance –These are also known as conversion or camper vans, because they are built on a Van Chassis. Two to four people can sleep in this set up, although it can be tight quarters. Despite the similarities to vans, these units are very different, and include some combinations of sleeping, kitchen and toilet facilities. Moreover they must include electric power and a water hookup. Despite the amenities, usually these are very basic due to space restrictions, so while you will probably be able to stand up inside of a Class B motorhome, don’t expect the luxurious amenities of a class A--they will be basic.

Class C Motorhome Insurance – Somewhere between the luxurious large Class A and the minimum utility of a Class B sits the Class C. These are also known as Mini-Motorhomes. Distinguished by their cab-over sleeping quarters, these units are typically built on a van or truck chassis.

Toterhome Insurance – Similar to the Class C variety are toterhomes. However, rather than being built on a Van or Truck chassis, a toterhome is built on a semi chassis. Meaning toterhomes are typically modified freightliner or Peterbuilt semi-trucks that include the equipment that make them eligible for RV insurance.

Medium Duty Tow Vehicle Insurance – This is an odd addition to the “motorized” unit list. Not because it is not motorized, but because it typically has no living quarters. Medium duty tow vehicles are large trucks--such as Peterbuilt, Freightliner, Ford F450s, GMC 4500--or others that have been modified to tow fifth wheel trailers.

Regardless of the class, or type of motorhome or motorized unit you have, the Team at Gila Insurance Group can provide motorhome insurance for most types of Motorhomes. Even if we haven’t listed the exact name or class (like a super C or a B Plus) we can probably still insure it.

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