Mobile Home Insurance Partners

mobile home insurance in Safford, AZFor Mobile Home Insurance, Gila Insurance Group LLC has partnered with American Modern Insurance Group and Foremost Insurance. We know it can be a headache searching for quality mobile home insurance at an affordable price, so we try to provide great options in one place. When it comes to our partners there are several things we look for to help you.

  1. Financial Stability – Both American Modern Insurance Group and Foremost Insurance are A rated carriers, with the financial stability to pay claims.
  2. Excellent Claims Service – You pay for insurance to protect you from financial disaster. Nothing is worse than a bad claims experience after paying all that money. Both American Modern and Foremost pride themselves in industry leading claims service.
  3. Specialty Companies – Manufactured Homes are different, and need special coverage considerations to ensure that you are covered. American Modern and Foremost Insurance lead the manufactured home insurance market.
  4. Easy to use and work with – From competitive rates, multiple payment options, and online policy management we want to make sure you have a company that is easy to work with. Both of our companies do excellent jobs in these areas.
  5. Longevity – These are not Johnny-come-lately companies, both American Modern and Foremost have years of experience protecting mobile homes. Below is a little more about each of our carrier partners.

American Modern Insurance Group Founded: 1965 AM Best Rating: A+ A Member of Munich Reinsurance Company Financial Size – $2 Billion or Greater 

Foremost Insurance Founded: 1957 AM Best Rating: A A Member of Zurich Insurance Group LTD Financial Size – $2 Billion or Greater 

To get a quote with American Modern Insurance Group or Foremost Insurance Company, simply complete our application, we will get quotes from each and will email the quotes for your review.