Basic Information regarding Site Functionality

The section is broken up into sub categories that contain information that would directly pertain to obtaining an RV or Travel Trailer insurance quote as well as the saving and retrieval of your quotes. Some of the information we request will include contact information (name, address, phone number) and unit information (recreational vehicle (RV) or travel trailer year, make, model).

Eligibility for Motorhome Insurance

This section reviews specific information to determine product packages, availability and risk factors. As a customer, you will find some general underwriting questions that will help find the best suited motorhome insurance policy for you.

Motor Home and Fifth Wheel Coverage

This section includes information related to coverage for your motor home, travel trailer or recreational vehicle (RV). A customer can select insurance coverage ranging from liability only to a more complete package protecting your investment based on your needs. The Discount section provides an opportunity to obtain a lower rate depending on a customer's vehicle safety equipment, memberships in associations, and garaging practices. (Note not all companies offer all discounts). Lastly, the Other Information tab is merely additional information requested to better obtain a correct motorhome insurance quote for each customer.

Vehicle Additions

This is a great opportunity for savings. This section allows you to add your auto, truck, SUV, etc. to your RV Insurance policy quote application and obtain a lower rate for combining vehicles. Many times you will find this a lower cost alternative to having all your vehicles on separate policies with different companies, plus this option gives you a one-stop shopping experience. (Available on selected carriers only.)

How to get a quote

We have a convenient and easy application that you can complete once and get multiple quotes for your RV or travel trailer. There are multiple steps, but if as you complete the application you will be able to save the application to complete at another time.

Where will we Send your Motorhome Insurance Quote?

RV and Motorhome Insurance Quotes can be sent to you via email and/or via phone call. As a customer you have the opportunity to select a time to speak with us that is best for you.