Insurance for Vacation Rentals

If you have owned a vacation rental you understand it can be hard to get coverage. Not to worry, we love vacation rentals. We have options to cover all the basics and more including:

  1. Coverage for your home – Accidents happen protect your assets by getting coverage for fires, explosions, wind, hail and the other unexpected occurrences. Is your vacation rental near a river, lake, or stream? You may also need flood coverage, and we can provide that too.
  2. Coverage for your stuff – Let's be real, if you own a vacation rental you probably stay there on occasion, and have some decent furnishings. Protect these from accidents with coverage for your personal belongings.
  3. Coverage for Liability – Vacationers stay at your place to have a good time, but if something goes wrong you can be sure they will try to hold you responsible. Protect yourself with liability coverage AND an umbrella policy. Often, limits provided by the standard policies are good, but insufficient. Don't get stuck in a bad spot, make sure you have enough liability coverage.
  4. Coverage for the Cash Flow – Outside of the memories you have made with your family at this property, the best part about a vacation rental is the cash flow. Did you know that just because something happens to the house, you don't have to lose out on that cash flow? It's true. The insurance company will pay you what you would have received if the loss had not happened--but only if you insure the cash flow, so protect with loss of use coverage.

Whether you are renting on a weekly basis or longer we can get you coverage from high quality companies. Start your quote online today and let us shop from some of the top providers of vacation rental insurance coverage in the market!