Seasonal Home InsuranceDo you have a seasonal home? Sometimes getting insurance coverage for second homes can be difficult.

While a seasonal home can often be added to an existing homeowner's insurance policy, but it cannot be added in cases where a secondary home is in another state or even country. In other cases the second home may not meet the underwriting guidelines of the existing insurance company, or the company may not feel comfortable with the amount of time the home will be unoccupied and the company doesn't provide coverage. Whatever the reason, if your current policy won't cover you, don't worry. can protect your investment with great coverage from high quality companies.

Insurance for seasonal homes includes coverage for the home, any unattached structures like garages, sheds, etc., the contents of the home, liability for the premise and medical payments. Sound like familiar coverage? Coverage for second or seasonal homes is a little different, because of the nature of their being unoccupied for much of the time, but that doesn't mean you can't get great coverage for your second home.

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