Additional Coverage InsuranceInsurance policies are very specific about what they cover, but oddly enough they throw in a couple of “extras” or additional coverage what are those, let’s take a look!

Additional Coverage

There’s free stuff in my insurance policy? Yes.

So, great news there are only four Coverage parts, so that part was simple, but next comes the complicated part; additional coverages. Yeah! Now for any of you that might be catching the sarcasm in that last comment, there are actually some good things in here. Every policy is different so here are some of the most common and important:

  1. Debris Removal – Have you ever seen a fire? Walls may still be standing but completely destroyed. What knocks those crumbling walls down and hauls them away? Debris Removal! See, good stuff.
  2. Trees, plants, shrubs – Not a lot here, but you can usually get coverage up to $250-$500 or so per tree. Obviously there will be limits, but landscaping can be expensive.
  3. Fire Department Service Charge – Sweet, nice that you don’t have extra stuff, like cost of fire department services coming your way.
  4. Collapse – This is an odd place to have this coverage, but it’s nice that they add it.
  5. Glass – Sweet.

Again, there is more to each of these, but nice that they add them. Start your quote online or call us for an immediate quote 1-877-784-6787.