Insurance in Safford Arizona


October 8th 2016 was a day that changed thing in the Safford. At least from an insurance stand point. Life long residents of Safford, young and old, had never seen such a storm... ever.  The damage the wind, hail, and rain left in its wake was catastrophic. Roofs, cars, paint, A/C units, solar panels, crops and more were destroyed. Things like deductibles, actual cash value, total loss, recoverable depreciation and other obscure insurance words usually only found in that massive packet that you get when you get insurance became part of everyday vocabulary. Neighbors helped neighbors get things cleaned up. Contractors started replacing and repairing the damage, and insurance companies paid out millions in losses. Suddenly insurance became more than an annoying bill, and we were reminded why it is we buy insurance, for the protection. Losses to property can be catastrophic, and insurance deductibles can be hard to swallow, but they don't have to be devastating. THAT is why we do what we do at Gila Insurance Group, to protect you from the unforeseen crazy thing that happen in life, like a hail storm, that no one had ever seen. 

In Safford, Thatcher, Pima and all of Southeastern Arizona, we are blessed to live in an area that has minimal crazy. Sure we have seen the occasional sway of an earthquake and sometimes the Gila River floods, but I have yet see a car melt from those hot July days (just my skin to the steering wheel).  Mostly we are free from catastrophe. That said, at least now, we have seen the need for Insurance in Safford Arizona. 

Gila Insurance Group LLC located in Safford Arizona is an independent insurance agency that provides a multitude of options for our customers. Whether Auto Insurance, Home Insurance, or Business Insurance we have the ability to provide not just one quote for our customers, but several options to ensure our customers get the best coverage available at a cost that can fit their budget. Don't believe us? Start your quote online today to find out exactly what we have to offer.