Insurance Bundling for Investors

If you turn the TV on for 2 seconds you will hear all about you can bundle and save on insurance, and that is a great way to save. For investors this can also be true. Imagine having multiple investment properties on one insurance policy, with one renewal date, one payment. We have several options that can make this a reality.

The first is called the 10+ program. If you have more than 10 properties, we can put all your properties on one commercial policy that makes life easy. This program can include single family homes, apartment units with up to 6 dwellings, condos and manufactured home policies all in one place. You can even have a vacant home or two if they plan to be filled.

The second is a program that can have as few as 1 unit, but as many as you have. This program is a little different than the 10+, and is a great option for investors that are flipping houses on a regular basis.

These programs allow us to save you money and get you great coverage, but almost as important it allows you to simplify your insurance. It’s these programs that allow us to become more than your insurance agent, but a member of your team.

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