Flood Insurance

When’s the last time you bought or quoted flood insurance? It’s so expensive! Plus the policy requires expensive elevation studies, which slows the WHOLE process down. And if congress hasn’t passed an extension–because someone attached it to a controversial bill that half the country loves and the other half hates, you may not be able to purchase anyway.

If you have properties that need flood insurance, we can help. Yes, we can help. We have partnered with a provider that represents Lloyds of London. Lloyds, insures all over the world and they have a program that covers flood insurance in the US. The funny thing is, they are often able to do it for half the price. YES, I SAID HALF of what you might pay with the National Flood Program! What’s more is that we are able to place coverage in about two-days with no elevation certificate. The program can also include coverage for earthquake in most states, as well as coverage for landslides. Yes, Gila Insurance Group has a program for flood, earthquake, and landslide with no elevation certificate.

Do you have multiple properties? Well, first get yourself on our 10+ program, but know that we can also schedule your properties for flood.

One more way Gila Insurance is trying to make your life easier.