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The insurance industry is weird or is it? Like any industry there are those that want to sell direct through exclusive distributors, those that wholesale through non-exclusive distributors, and those that sell direct online to the consumer. As an independent agent we work with companies that wholesale non-exclusively. Here we try to introduce you to the Insurance Companies We Represent and Why. We represent many different companies to try to ensure you get the best coverage at the best rate year after year.


Thing is some people have never heard of the companies we represent. So they have to be small and unheard of, right? Not really. We actually work with some of the most reputable companies in the market. In this blog we try to give you an idea of who we represent and how large they actually are.


Let’s start with auto insurance. There is a group called the NAIC that reports how large companies are in the US. The data below is from that list.


Auto Insurance Company Ranking by Size in 2017
RankCompanyPremium in Billions
1State Farm41
2Berkshire Hathaway Grp (GEICO)29
6Liberty Mutual/Safeco11
10American Family4
11Auto Club (AAA)3
13Amtrust/National General3
19Auto Club Michigan (AAA)1.7
24Country Ins & Financial Services1.1
25The Hanover1.1
Bolded and italicized  companies are represented by Gila Insurance Group




We represent Progressive, Allstate, Liberty Mutual, Travelers, National General, Mercury, MetLife, Kemper, and Infinity. Yes that’s right, we represent 36% of the top 25 auto insurance companies in the US. 9 of the top 25.


Let’s look at homeowners.


Homeowners Insurance Company Ranking by Size in 2017
RankCompanyPremium in Billions
1State Farm17
3Liberty Mutual/Safeco6.4
8American Family3
9Chubb LTD Group2.7
Bolded and italicized  companies are represented by Gila Insurance Group


With homeowner’s insurance there are still a lot of companies, but they tend to get small quick. We are going to focus on only those that write over 1 billion dollars in insurance, which leaves us with the top 15 carriers. We represent Allstate, Safeco, Travelers, and MetLife.  Of the top 15 homeowner’s carriers Gila Insurance Group represents 27% of the top 15.


With 36% of the top auto carriers and 27% of the homeowner’s carriers represented by Gila, the question stands… why would you need to go anywhere else?


Remember we shop these carriers to ensure you get excellent coverage at an affordable price. If one of these companies decides to drastically change your rate, we will monitor that and start shopping the rate for you. Each of the companies we represent and work with are large recognized carriers with the financial stability to be there when you have a claim.


We can provide quotes for many of these companies online at GilaInsurance.com.

Scheduled Personal Property

Yes is Matters

For some, this article will not make any sense whatsoever. Everything you own is cheap, and nothing you own is worth anything. Put me in that camp. Maybe it was my upbringing, or maybe its because I live in a rural town with Walmart and Home Depot. In short, a dollar in a mutual fund is more important to me than a nice Dewalt Table saw. For my wife’s sake I hope I can get to the point where I can spend a little, but that day hasn’t arrived. For others you own property that is actually worth something. This could be jewelry, furs, guns, collections, rare items, tools, antiquities, and the list goes on. Did you know there are limits on your policies for some of these items, but regardless of the limit If you have something that’s actually worth something. You should make sure its covered like you need it to be.

Sometimes this will require a long drawn out process. This is going to depend on what it is you are trying to insure, and how much you want to insure it for. Meaning you may need an appraisal, but your great grandfathers gun is really worth that much is going to be invaluable, but if something happens a replacement might be the next best thing. Same thing could be said for the rock on your wife’s hand. New or old somethings are worth covering, and making sure you have the right coverage.

Other times adding coverage for these things can be as simple as increasing predetermined limits That exist on your policy. For example, without changing the policy you only have $1500 in coverage for theft of jewelry and furs. That isn’t per item, that’s total. Or $2500 in for theft of firearms and related equipment. That really isn’t a lot.

So, before you purchase your homeowner’s insurance policy, be sure to actually think about what matters to you.

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Understanding Debris Removal

Debris Removal Insurance Coverage in Safford, AZSome coverage is hard to explain, it’s much easier to just say see! That is exactly the case with debris removal. Debris removal isn’t difficult to explain, it’s just the cost to remove the pile of trash your insurance claim just left. If there is a fire, it’s going to be the ashes and rubble, but also the mess the fire department caused while putting it out. Let’s be real they are great a putting out fires, but they aren’t exactly tidy. If there is a flood, we might be looking at all the damaged drywall and installation. Some of it might be moldy or muddy. The point is there is a cost to haul it away. But there is also going to be a cost for the demolition, which can get pretty costly.

Recently near my office there have been two fires. The first was in a second level apartment. The second was in a single-family home rented to a young couple. It was on one of my many strategy walks that I decided to explain debris removal through picture.

Debris removal is usually included in most property insurance policies, but like most things with an insurance policy there are limits. Depending on where it is commercial insurance or a homeowner’s policy it can vary, but here are some things to consider when it comes to debris removal.  How unique is your building? How old is your building? How much space is around your building. All of these and more can cause additional costs in removing debris from your property. Another consideration is building materials. Is there any asbestos in the building? The cost of asbestos disposal adds additional cost to debris removal.

As is not unusual, insurance policies provide coverage for a number of different situations that you probably hadn’t even considered. While we may often complain about insurance the truth is that the benefits provided by our insurance policies are amazing.


Home Insurance – Section 1 Exclusions

Home Insurance Exclusions in Safford, AZUnderstanding what’s not covered on your insurance policy lets you know what other insurance coverage you might need. Here are some of the BIG Exclusions.

Section I Exclusions – A Soap Box

What! Not everything’s covered?

Not everything is covered. That’s the bottom-line. Something’s we can find coverage for, while for other things, we are just out of luck. That said, regardless of whether you buy a special policy or not, you need to understand the exclusions, in order to truly understand your policy. Here are some of the most important exclusions found in section one… Why do I say it that way? Because there is a whole other section, just for exclusions. I know, not easy.

  1. Land – insurance doesn’t cover land. Why? ‘Cause you can’t hurt, dirt. This is an important point when you get into the idea of how to value your home.
  2. Ordinance or Law – So, if your local elected officials decide that every new building has to have a statue of Big Bird, but old buildings don’t, and your rental property burns to the ground and you have to rebuild… Guess what? You have to get that statue of Big Bird. Guess what else? The insurance company won’t pay for that. While no one requires Big Bird statues, there are other things, like sprinkler systems, where this happens all the time.
  3. Earth Movement – Now, depending on the state, you may or may not find earthquake coverage available. Even when earthquake coverage is available, things like, landslide, mine cave-ins, mudflow, sinkholes, etc. may not be covered. Can you get this coverage? You can in some states with a separate policy. Learn more about our catastrophic coverage policy here.
  4. Water – We all know Flood, tidal waves, etc. are not covered. What about overflows from drains, sump-pumps or sewers? Nope. Water is a tough one.
  5. Intentional Loss – For investors, this is big. It means there is no coverage for damage your tenants cause…. Which means it’s important to screen your tenants, so as to hopefully avoid the tenant that steals the copper and skates.

There are more, but these are the most important ones, in MY opinion. So, read the policy and find out what else might be important.

To get an incredible quote these coverage sections start our online quote form. To talk to a licensed agent about this coverage call us at 1-877-784-6787.

This coverage explanation is for illustration purposes only and is general in nature. Coverage explained here may not apply to your policy, State, company, or situation. For more information about how your policy would respond in the event of a loss, please refer to the terms and conditions and declarations page of your policy.

Homeowner’s Insurance Coverage A

Homeowners Insurance Agent Safford, AZHomeowner’s Insurance Coverage A is the part of the policy that covers the home or dwelling itself. That seems simple enough, but wait, there’s more. It also covers any structure that is physically attached to the building. By that it means that it can’t be connected by a fence or a utility line, but rather physically attached to the dwelling. This may include attached decks, carports, patio covers.

When it comes to Homeowner’s Insurance Coverage A the question is always the coverage form, which can vary on the same home based on the occupancy of the home. For example if the home is vacant you might get a basic form with vandalism, theft, and malicious mischief excluded. However, if the home is owner occupied, a rental, or a second or seasonal home you might get a special form, which is always the best option.

One of the most difficult things about coverage A is determining the replacement value of the home which is the cost to rebuild the home as is. Market value is irrelevant as you can’t insure dirt. Land is excluded. Typically agents will use estimating tools to try to figure out a ball park, but appraisals can also be used. It is important to determine because if you don’t insure it for enough, you can get penalized in the event of a claim, and if you insure it for too much then you are paying to much for the insurance every month. Ultimately it is the insureds responsibility to determine the value, but there are things that can help you determine the value.

When it comes to the loss settlement, it often depends on what you choose. Typically you will have the option of replacement cost (the coverage you want) and Actual Cash Value. Choosing the replacement cost option will ensure that you are able to replace the home in the event of a loss. Actual cash value will provide you money as well, but it may not be what it needs to be to replace the home.

For a home insurance quote, contact us today!

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Insurance is unfair!?

Insurance is unfair. Really. As amazing as it is and with all the incredible benefits it provides (if you have had a big loss you understand) it’s still unfair. Even with its affordable price (yes, I just said that) it’s really an incredible thing, but it’s also unfair. I mean, have you read your policy? Its incomprehensible! Yet also so simple.

Let’s address one of my insurance nightmares; “Sudden and Accidental.” Usually a policy covers things that are “sudden and accidental.” This is simple.

Suddenly and accidentally a fire started.

Suddenly and accidentally a tree fell through the roof.

Suddenly and accidentally the wind blew the shingles off.

The trouble is, there is one exception. This is incomprehensible.

Suddenly water started coming out from under my baseboards…


Suddenly I noticed that my wall was squishy. When we opened it up there was ALL KINDS OF MOLD!

You call your company and tell your story, and they tell you,

“Sorry, it’s not covered.”

You irately respond with something like:

“What do you mean!?!”

They respond with something like

“Well, it wasn’t sudden and accidental. That leak has existed for a LONG time. Mold was growing. It was a maintenance issue.”

It had been there, but how are you supposed to know? See why it’s my nightmare?

Insurance companies like to insure stuff that is random and unpredictable and sometimes a leaky pipe is random when it bursts and floods the home with 3 inches of water. Other times, it’s an old house and the pipes are old and worn out so, they leak. You see the difference? Insurance companies don’t like to insure wear and tear, in fact it’s actually excluded. It’s part of the issue of owning the home. Stuff gets used, including the house. You have to fix, replace and repair stuff. Car Insurance does cover oil changes, and home insurance doesn’t like to cover stuff that is similar. But how are you supposed to know about the leak lurking behind your wall. You can’t, and it’s unfair.

[Enter the insurance equivalent of the Justice League]

Until now! Travelers Insurance Company has now come out with a coverage that you can buy that fixes this exact problem! Yes, you can now purchase a policy that covers that lurking leak. Ask us about the “Enhanced Water Package” from Travelers today and see how you can change unfair to fair on your insurance policy.

Don’t wait! Declare your independence by working with an Independent Agent or Broker like Gila Insurance Group LLC. Start your quote online now!



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Which one is best for your homeowner’s policy: ACV or RCV?

Insurance policies are full of language and terms that may not be clear right off the bat. Many terms are specific to the industry and to the specific type of insurance that is being purchased. Having a local insurance agent for all of your insurance coverage allows you to chat about all the details with your agent so you completely understand your policy. If you haven’t done this, there are many potential claims where it’s easy to assume you have full coverage.