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Insurance is unfair!?

Insurance is unfair. Really. As amazing as it is and with all the incredible benefits it provides (if you have had a big loss you understand) it’s still unfair. Even with its affordable price (yes, I just said that) it’s really an incredible thing, but it’s also unfair. I mean, have you read your policy? Its incomprehensible! Yet also so simple.

Let’s address one of my insurance nightmares; “Sudden and Accidental.” Usually a policy covers things that are “sudden and accidental.” This is simple.

Suddenly and accidentally a fire started.

Suddenly and accidentally a tree fell through the roof.

Suddenly and accidentally the wind blew the shingles off.

The trouble is, there is one exception. This is incomprehensible.

Suddenly water started coming out from under my baseboards…


Suddenly I noticed that my wall was squishy. When we opened it up there was ALL KINDS OF MOLD!

You call your company and tell your story, and they tell you,

“Sorry, it’s not covered.”

You irately respond with something like:

“What do you mean!?!”

They respond with something like

“Well, it wasn’t sudden and accidental. That leak has existed for a LONG time. Mold was growing. It was a maintenance issue.”

It had been there, but how are you supposed to know? See why it’s my nightmare?

Insurance companies like to insure stuff that is random and unpredictable and sometimes a leaky pipe is random when it bursts and floods the home with 3 inches of water. Other times, it’s an old house and the pipes are old and worn out so, they leak. You see the difference? Insurance companies don’t like to insure wear and tear, in fact it’s actually excluded. It’s part of the issue of owning the home. Stuff gets used, including the house. You have to fix, replace and repair stuff. Car Insurance does cover oil changes, and home insurance doesn’t like to cover stuff that is similar. But how are you supposed to know about the leak lurking behind your wall. You can’t, and it’s unfair.

[Enter the insurance equivalent of the Justice League]

Until now! Travelers Insurance Company has now come out with a coverage that you can buy that fixes this exact problem! Yes, you can now purchase a policy that covers that lurking leak. Ask us about the “Enhanced Water Package” from Travelers today and see how you can change unfair to fair on your insurance policy.

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