Carla Crum Your Protector from Rate Hikes!

We are proud to introduce the newest member of the Gila Insurance Group Team, Carla Crum.
Welcome Carla!
Carla will be helping us monitor renewal offers made to our customers. Insurance Rates typically go up just a little every year. usually between 3 and 5%. Why? Because it costs just a little more every year to repair cars and roofs. Basic inflation. But sometimes things can get out of hand, and Carla is your protector from crazy insurance rate hikes! Carla’s primary job is to monitor your rate, ensure that its still a competitive rate. If it is, you might get an email saying that you are good to go, you still have a competitive rate.
BUT if your rate jumps crazy high, Carla finds out why. Did you get a ticket or an accident? Did you add a vehicle or add coverage to your home? Well that makes sense. But if it went up just because, she will get your rate to one of our licensed agents that will search among one of our highly rated companies to see if we can find you a better rate.
THAT is what you get by being a customer of Gila Insurance Group. A friend like Carla that ensures you have a competitive rate year after year after year. No one else is doing that. Just Carla and the team at Gila Insurance Group.
Carla is a rock star, and we are happy to have her. As you should be, after all she is CARLA  CRUM YOUR PROTECTOR FROM  INSURANCE RATE HIKES!