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Understanding Comprehensive & Collision Coverage

Somewhere along the way people started asking for “full coverage.” Usually this coverage refers to what an auto insurance policy refers to as collision and other than collision (comprehensive). These are pretty straight forward so we will take a look at these coverage options together. Collision is defined as impact with another vehicle or object. Pretty straight forward, […]

How to File an Insurance Claim

HOW TO FILE AN INSURANCE CLAIM Insurance claims don’t have to be difficult. They are never going to be convenient, but they can go smoothly. Knowing what to expect is half the battle, and being proactive can help things move along. There are a few basic steps in the claims process. Preparing to call – Before you call to file […]


Home Insurance – Section 1 Exclusions

Understanding what’s not covered on your insurance policy lets you know what other insurance coverage you might need. Here are some of the BIG Exclusions. Section I Exclusions – A Soap Box What! Not everything’s covered? Not everything is covered. That’s the bottom-line. Something’s we can find coverage for, while for other things, we are […]

Homeowner’s Insurance Coverage A

Homeowner’s Insurance Coverage A is the part of the policy that covers the home or dwelling itself. That seems simple enough, but wait, there’s more. It also covers any structure that is physically attached to the building. By that it means that it can’t be connected by a fence or a utility line, but rather […]

As Seen on TV

According to Statista.com in 2017 GEICO Insurance company spent nearly 1.4 billion dollars on advertising. Progressive? 622 Million. State Farm? 521 Million, and so on and so forth. Those are some staggering numbers. Last week we lost a sale to someone who insisted on a “big name company”. It was a homeowner’s policy. We actually […]

Yes, It Can Happen Here… and It’s A Problem!

Yes, it can happen here! Here being Safford, Thatcher, Pima and the Gila Valley. What is it? Insurance claims. We don’t see many natural disasters. I mean, the last major flooding of the Gila River was in what, 93-94? We don’t have hurricanes or tornadoes. We live too far from the mountain to have an […]

Auto Liability Insurance

WHAT IS LIABILITY ONLY? The Term liability only is thrown around a lot by Insurance agents and customers alike, but what does it mean? Too many customers is means give me the cheapest coverage I can buy so I can get out of here as soon as possible. But there are MANY things to consider when it […]