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Valuing Your Investment Property For Insurance

Valuing of an investment property can be difficult. Add in the idea of a different value for insurance and you have a complicated world. Demystifying Insurance Valuation Lessons from Goldilocks The valuation of any asset can be tricky, and who better to understand that than an investor. I once approached an owner of a property […]

Additional Coverage for Your Home Insurance

Homeowners Insurance policies, whether for your own home or a rental property, are very specific about what they cover, but oddly enough they throw in a couple of “extras” or additional coverage. What are those? Let’s take a look! ADDITIONAL COVERAGE There’s free stuff in my insurance policy? Yes. So, great news there are only […]

Manufactured Home Insurance – Why Is It So Expensive?

Seriously, have you ever compared a manufactured home insurance policy with that of a “stick built” home insurance policy? The cost can be crazy. Why? Insurance rates are based on the expected losses, and in short the expected losses from a manufactured home are higher than a traditional home. Let’s look at a couple of […]

Insurance For 10 or More Rental Homes

Successful real estate investors understand the concept of Rinse and Repeat. That is, finding a real estate investing method that works for them, implementing it successfully, and doing it again and again–increasing cash flow and building a legitimate business. For those of us that believe the buy and hold rental model is best and hold 10 […]

Why Protect Your Investment?

When many investors look at insurance, they simply see it as an expense item, something to drive down cash flow. While we are all looking to maximize cash flow, insurance protects the cash flow that can be obtained during the time you hold the investment. The first thing insurance protects is the house itself, the […]

Landlord Insurance Checklist Explanation

Gila Insurance Group has put together a landlord insurance checklist of things you should discuss with your insurance agent. While it’s nice to have the list, the question is why are these so important? Here we will break this down, and explain piece by piece why you need to have these conversations. Investment Property   […]

Loss Settlement Options

One of the most important insurance issues you must understand is how you will get paid if you have a claim. Its called the “loss settlement.” Loss Settlement I once heard someone say, that “insurance is a complicated business.” Well, at Gila Insurance we try to keep things simple. But, there are a couple of […]

Landlord Furnishings

LANDLORD FURNISHINGS A landlord’s insurance policy covers the home and can include insurance for the landlord’s furnishings. This isn’t the renter’s stuff, that needs to be covered under a renters policy, this is your stuff. Coverage for the landlord’s furnishings is important, and should not be overlooked. Why, because even if you aren’t furnishing the home, […]

What is An Insurable RV?

In 13 years of providing RV insurance we’ve gained a bit of experience. By experience I mean we get asked to insure all types of things. So much so that it necessitates a few definitions. Since we are talking about RV insurance, let’s start with defining what an RV or Recreational Vehicle is. A Recreational […]

Understanding Perils Insurance

Perils insurance against, what in the world does that mean. Here’s an insurance guy trying to explain the insurance options for rental property insurance. Rental Property Insurance Coverage – Section I policy Form – Perils insured against. Demystifying the stuff coming out of your insurance agent’s mouth Perils insured against…. What does that mean? Let’s […]