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Who Offers Manufactured Home Insurance?

If you have done any research at all you may be wondering, who offers manufactured home insurance? There are basically 6 companies that offer manufactured home insurance, but only 5 that understand the ins and outs of manufactured homes and offer specialty coverage for Manufactured home. Unfortunately many customer are left wondering who these companies […]


What is Manufactured Home Insurance

Two common questions we get is what is manufactured home insurance and how is it different than regular homeowner’s insurance? Great questions here are the answers. What is manufactured home insurance? Manufactured home insurance is similar to home insurance that covers manufactured or mobile homes. However, there are several differences that while seemingly small, make […]


What does Manufactured Home Insurance Cover

Manufactured Home Insurance coverage is not too different than what you might find on a regular homeowner’s insurance policy. While not all companies are the same if you get an actual manufactured home insurance specialty company like American Modern, Foremost or American Reliable, you should get some of the following coverage and coverage options. The […]

Is Manufactured Home Insurance More expensive?

Is manufactured home insurance more expensive? The short answer is, unfortunately yes. Why is it more expensive? The long answer has to do with basic insurance concepts. Your insurance rate whether for your home, a manufactured home, car or business is calculated by a simple statistics problem. That problem determines what is the chance you […]

5 Ways to Save on Your Insurance

No one likes to pay more than absolutely necessary for insurance. It’s one of those necessary evils, until that is you have a claim. Then it’s heaven sent. So how do you save on your insurance premiums. We have had many a client try to negotiate with us, unfortunately insurance rates are filed with the […]

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What have you done this summer

Do you need to update your insurance policy? Ahh summer time. A time of fun, sun, and DIY projects around the house. The extra light in the evenings lends itself to getting stuff done. So, I have a question: What did you do this summer? Maybe you’re not a DIY sort of person. Maybe you […]

All homeowners insurance is the same, Right?

5 Coverage options to ensure you have on your policy! Homeowners insurance is all the same, right? So, I should always buy on price, right? Wrong. It’s true that most stick-built homeowner’s insurance policies have a similar base. It’s called an HO3 policy form. It covers your house and other structures for everything, unless its […]


Who we represent and why?

  The insurance industry is weird or is it? Like any industry there are those that want to sell direct through exclusive distributors, those that wholesale through non-exclusive distributors, and those that sell direct online to the consumer. As an independent agent we work with companies that wholesale non-exclusively. Here we try to introduce you […]