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3 Insurance Myths That Haunt Your Insurance Agent

Halloween is a time of witches, ghosts, goblins, scary stories and nightmares. As boring as they may be, insurance agents have nightmares too. So, in the spirit of Halloween I share three myths that I hear on a regular basis that give me the chills and nightmares is the same way your favorite scary movie […]

5 Reasons to Purchase Tech E&O Coverage

Don’t think you need insurance as a tech professional? Think again. Here are 5 reasons to seriously consider a professional liability policy. Clients are Crazy – Expectations – You are going to build the world for them for free, and have it done yesterday. There will be no bugs, and it will generate them millions. […]

What insurance should a tech professional have – General Liability or Professional Liability

Looking at the requirements for an IT bid? Sure, it includes the standard stuff, who you are experience, a registration with some system, terminations, inspection and testing, bugs, and insurance. Wait what? Yes, more and more contracts for IT projects are requiring a certificate of insurance. While this is common in other industries a certificate […]

What happens if your sweet tech gig goes sideways?

Question: What if that sweet gig you’ve got suddenly gets litigious? We have all seen the classic cartoons depicting what a nightmare communication can between a tech professional and the end client. From developers to website designers there is little question that clients have a hard time defining what their goals are, which make scope […]

Insurance for Landlords with Multiple Properties

For a long time, we have been looking for a program that would simplify the life of landlords with multiple properties. When it comes to landlords who have multiple properties, insurance can be a pain. You either have to have a single policy for every property (this would be a personal lines policy like a […]


Who Offers Manufactured Home Insurance?

If you have done any research at all you may be wondering, who offers manufactured home insurance? There are basically 6 companies that offer manufactured home insurance, but only 5 that understand the ins and outs of manufactured homes and offer specialty coverage for Manufactured home. Unfortunately many customer are left wondering who these companies […]