Trust me, insuring all your properties on one policy will make your life easier. Calling us atis the quickest way to start the process, but before you call let me tell you what we will need so that we can do this in one fell swoop.

  1. Name of the Business – Do you own the properties or does an LLC or Corporation?
  2. Effective Date – When do you want the policy to start? It will take a few days to review and get a quote so give us some time.
  3. Mailing Address
  4. Entity Type – Corporation, LLC, Partnership, or Individual
  5. Years in Business
  6. From there we need to know about your properties sometimes the best way to send these is in an excel spreadsheet that includes:
    1. Location address with city, state, zip
    2. # of Families
    3. Protection Class if Available
    4. Occupancy – Rental, Vacant, Condominium
    5. Construction Type – Wood, Masonry, etc.
    6. Year Built
    7. Date Purchased
    8. Purchase Price
    9. Square Footage
    10. Number of Stories
    11. Basement – Yes or No
    12. Roof Type – e.g. Asphalt shingle, Shake, etc.
    13. Replacement Cost of the primary Dwelling
    14. Value of any other structures to be insured
    15. Value of Any Contents you own
    16. Monthly Rent
    17. Year roofing was updated
    18. Year wiring was updated
    19. Year heating was updated
    20. Year plumbing was updated
  7. Loss History – If any of the units have had a loss, we need to know how much, what happened, and when it happened.

While there are a few more underwriting questions, having the above info on hand will go a long way in making the process relatively painless. So don’t wait! Start simplifying your rental property insurance with American Modern’s 10+ program today. Call us to start your quote at +1-844-273-7626!